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Sat 06 Jul 2024

About us

My name is Anne Sheldon and I am Chair of the Movement For All group. We meet term times in Brinsley Parish Hall for our dance and exercise sessions. We have a lot of fun and never take ourselves too seriously! Our members range in age from 60 to 80+ Those with mobility and or health issues may remain seated throughout the session as our well qualified and experienced community dance artist is able to help everyone be involved to the best of their abilities. We provide transport for those who need it to ensure members can attend on a regular basis.

We know that if we can keep active in our later years we have a better chance of remaining more healthy and happy. Many studies have confirmed that dance is one of the best activities to keep older people both physically and mentally fit. Many older people are no longer able to take part in sports activities or are interested in attending a gym. Movement For All promotes participation in the arts, with our recent projects involved our  members working with a photographic artist, students from the local academy, a local writers group and young people with additional needs.

The opportunity to meet and make new friends is very important for this age group and there is always time at the end of each session for a cup of tea and a chat. Many new friendships have been formed in this way. 

Our weekly sessions are given a sense of purpose by the regular performances we take to other older people in the community, such as care homes and clubs.

Along with the other trustees and volunteers I raise funds every year so we can continue to work in the community. You may know that this is not an easy task, so I am asking if you are able to help us? For our weekly sessions to continue we pay our professional community dance leader, the hire of the venue and for transport. Any support with these costs would be a very much appreciated by all our members.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Yours sincerely

Mrs Anne Sheldon

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